The preloved revolution

It’s no surprise that there is a huge shift taking place in consumer habits. Whether it’s for the health of the planet or the desire to live more simply, we’re all doing a little something to live, act, and be better.

And when it comes to stuff – we’re talking about clothes, furniture, among other things – there’s that something about an item that has lived many lives. Reincarnated over and over again with a new significance, in a new person’s life. Maybe we’re being a little too whimsical, but doesn’t a well-loved piece of clothing feel so much more personal when it touches your skin for the first time? Or a vintage heirloom that’s been passed down through generations. There’s a feeling, an emotion, that can only be described as pretty cool and special.

Despite this, however, there is an education to be had around the beauty of preloved. “Second hand” has connotations of something that’s old, dirty, not liked or loved anymore. People trust hand-me-downs over preloved/second hand clothing because it comes from a place of trust. But in a globalised world, where we’re jumping on planes (almost!), Facetime’ing our loved ones in another land, and falling in love with passers by, the same lines of trust become a little blurred. Why can’t we trust that preloved is exactly what it says on the tin? Something that has been dearly loved, and is ready to be loved again – just like us.

We know we aren’t dreaming when ThredUp’s annual resale report suggests that the preloved market is set to be worth £64 billion in the next five years. While this might lead to some gasps of disbelief, we’re not so shocked. It’s kind of cool to find a rare vintage designer handbag, or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery at a flea market, and with the internet connecting us in so many ways, why not turn to preloved as a way to share and come together?

But with adults having all the fun, we didn’t want to leave the kids out – the next generation of vintage, preloved lovers. That’s why Kids O’Clock isn’t just a platform to buy and sell preloved kids’ stuff. It exists to create a community of creative, interesting, preloved-obsessed people. Thank you for stopping by, we can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Join the revolution and don’t forget to #actlikekidso.