7 tips to help you clear out your kid’s closet

Among other things, clearing out your kid’s closet might be one of the most tiresome of tasks but, no doubt, one of the most important. Your child is growing – and outgrowing – many things, everyday. Keeping outgrown clothes and unused toys will only cause clutter and may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.

Save you and your kid time and reach for exactly what you need first thing in the morning. Follow the Kidso method to clear our your kid’s closet

  1. Make a plan – any successful mission starts off with great preparation. Start by thinking about a few important things, such as whether you will involve your kid in the process, the criteria for what stays and what you will remove.
  2. Decide on what will stay and what won’t – be honest with yourself throughout the process. The clothes and shoes that your kid has outgrown may not be needed anymore. Be aware of any underlying desires to keep hold of certain items – some things bear great sentimental value. It’s an individual choice to keep or remove them, but take some time out to understand what this might mean for you, personally.
  3. Have more than one kid? Start with the eldest child’s closet, first – many parents plan on reusing their older kid’s clothes for their younger ones. Makes total sense; why get rid of an item when it can be given a new life by a younger brother or sister? However, it is worth paying attention to any substantial age gaps. Will it take a while before your younger kid can fit into their elder siblings’ clothes and shoes? If so, you may want to consider your options. 
  4. Get organised – your kid’s closet may be housing many things from outgrown clothes to shoes to old toys. While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, start by taking out sufficient time and get bags and boxes ready for you to sort the items out. This will make the process much easier and clearer to follow. 
  5. Utilise the one in, one out rule – this rule isn’t just for your own closet, but your kid’s closet, too. Again, be honest, be brutal where you need to. 
  6. Remember that this is your kid’s closet, not yours –  Clearing out your own wardrobe is about making things simple for you and ensuring you have what you want, when you need it. Clearing out your kid’s closet is about ensuring that they have the chance to develop with clothes and items that are right for them in the here and now. 
  7. Try something new – let your kid decide how to clear out their own closet however they choose to do it. It will teach them creative ways to be organised and help develop a respect for cleanliness and order. 

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