3 tips to sell like a Kidso pro

We know selling your preloved items can take time. From clearing out your kid’s closet to sorting out clothing and toys, photographing your items and writing a great description – it’s something that can be a little difficult for even the best sellers in the room.

Follow our tips for selling like a Kidso pro:

1. Take great photos

Seeing your item images is the main way in which buyers will interact and get to know what you’re selling.

  • Ensure that your item is laid flat against a clean background, preferably white
  • Take your images in a square format and ensure to capture the whole item where possible 
  • Try and take your images in as much natural light as possible 
  • If you’re selling clothing, it’s worth taking the extra time to steam or iron the item so buyers get a very clear picture of how the item looks
  • If you’re comfortable, consider adding an image of your kid wearing the item you’re selling so the buyer gets an idea of how the item looks when worn
  • Be honest – make sure to add any images of flaws. It’s the best policy, trust us!

2. The art of descriptions

Writing a description that is clear, concise and compelling will help buyers understand what they need to know about your item. Make sure to include the following detail:

  • Brand
  • Item (shirt, jumper, trousers)
  • Material/fabric 
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Other notable detail e.g. embellishments, prints

You don’t have to be super creative if you don’t want to, but definitely ensure to include the information above to help buyers know what they need to know, fast.

3. Set the right price

When the price is right, your items will be snapped up very quickly. Well priced items don’t stick around for long!

  • Pick a price you are happy with. If you’re not sure what price to add to your item, make an educated guess. Research how similar items are priced by other Kidso sellers
  • Remember, the brand, material and any other details (flaws etc.) will have an impact on the price you put on the item as well as how quickly it may sell
  • If you don’t think the price is good enough for the item, don’t sell it

Start selling your preloved kid’s items now.