Meet The Parents: Camilla D’Alfonso

Camilla D’Alfonso is the photographer extraordinaire behind our latest Fall campaign.

She loves to capture and witness authentic, natural and love-filled moments through a photojournalistic approach to her work, which she was fortunate enough to learn after working with famous photographers and directors, such as Patrick Demarchelier and Sheila Metzner. Camilla is a mom of two gorgeous boys and speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Hi Camilla, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am from Naples, Italy, and moved to Paris when I was 17 where I started my six-year modelling career.

After Paris I lived a little bit everywhere – two years in New York, three years in Los Angeles, Cuba, and Dominican Republic. Finally, I decided to move back to Paris when I was almost 30 and I am so glad I did, because that is where I met my husband and where we started a family.

In the here and now, I am a photographer, where my specialty is mostly shooting lifestyle and kids. I love my job.

Last but definitely not least, I am a mum of five year old twins, Maxime and Andrea.

What are my hobbies? Do mums have time for hobbies? Kidding! 🙂  

I love working out – it makes me feel good. I also enjoy going for long walks in the woods with the kids and I LOVE to cook.

Camilla’s boys

What gets you up in the morning?

Who wakes me up in the morning you mean 😉 Of course, the kids pull me out of bed!

I am very passionate about my job so meeting new people and learning new things everyday is what motivates me to get up, in mind and spirit.

What does a Day in the Life of Camilla look like?

We wake up and snuggle as a family, it’s the best time.

Then, as parents of twins, you need a routine. It’s crucial. 

My husband makes the kids breakfast and gets them ready while I jump in the shower. We’re out the door to go to school around 8.30am.

Then I walk back home for a cup of coffee and make sure to work out. I spend the rest of the day answering emails and editing jobs that I mostly had the weekend before.

I pick up the kids at 4pm and take them to their after-school activities like tennis, basketball, judo, and music. They are so full of energy that my husband and I decided to get them busy with activities instead of spending the afternoon in a park or at home. That way, they get to move their bodies and engage their minds at the same time.

Camilla with her family

What’s the best thing about being a mom?

The unconditional LOVE that you receive everyday. 

Tell us about your journey with preloved

I was never a big fan of fast fashion. When I travel, I usually look for vintage markets and I used to buy almost 70% of my kids’ clothes in second hand stores or online. Now I use Kids O’Clock. 🙂

From the Fall ’21 campaign, shot by Camilla

Why do you love Kids o’clock?

Because it’s a smart and easy platform with a warm and loving community of mums. It’s the best way to consume with more thought and consideration.

Check out Camilla’s website here and follow her on Instagram