Montessori for babies

Kay Duffy, one of Kidso’s newest Experts, is a British Montessori guide based in Paris at The Montessori Mind. Here, she breaks down the world-renowned method for babies, and gives her tips to make your home more development-friendly.

Welcome to our baby montessori series!

Babies show an interest in us and our daily life. Here’s what you can do to help them begin their journey of interaction:

Respond to your baby’s language attempts. We can tell them what we are doing by having conversations, practicing both baby sign language and using full, descriptive sentences and animated speaking. Mimic their sounds and expressions.

  • Allow lots of time for free movement. Whenever possible, lie them on a mat on the ground for them to stretch, reach for their feet and recognise spatial concepts. Take off their socks, make sure they have free movement in their clothing and always have something to reach, grasp and explore!
  • Around 3 months, a baby can grasp onto an object that fits into their palms. They will bring it to their mouth to explore because their lips and mouths are packed full of sensory nerves. Encourage ‘visual tracking’ with high contrast images, flashcards or books (think black and white or shadow play with light). Singing, rattles and objects with bells are all interesting as aural development continues too. Provide a variety of musical instruments to shake and bang, and music to listen to (with some gentle moments for silence).
  • Around 9 to 12 months, babies develop more control over their hands and fingers and may be able to grab small objects with a forefinger and thumb. This is a great opportunity to introduce rolling balls, ‘posting’ activities such as boxes (open and close, in and out), dry transfer work, simple shape puzzles, one-word board books. 

You can find an array of Montessori baby ideas, such as DIY instruments, posting activities and sensory play, on my Instagram page.
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Expert Kay’s picture taken for Kids Oclock
Expert Kay’s picture taken for Kids Oclock