Montessori activities for Winter Pt. 2

This is a continuation of the previously published article, Montessori activities in November Pt. 1.

As the days get chillier, it can be somewhat tempting to stay indoors. Yet, this happens to be the best time to get outdoors and engage in fun, sensory activities for your kids!

Children’s relationship to nature is very special, they absorb it readily. Follow their curiosity. Tune into the senses. Tap into imagination.

  1. Build a pine tree. Grab some fine twigs, berries, pine leaves, or any kind of greenery. 
  1. Puddle play (do invest in the right kind of gear). Maria Montessori advised us to observe, respect and facilitate all forms of the child’s spontaneous developmental activity – this certainly includes the magic of splashing around in puddles with boots and sticks!
  2. Making tracks with a toy truck or car in the mud. Because mud, glorious mud!
  3. Touch. Simply discover all of the textures in nature, the bark of a peeling tree, the grass, the leaves. Talk about how different natural materials feel.
  4. Boat float. If you have a stream or a lake nearby, send off little boats made of leaves and twigs and bark. If you don’t, try this activity in a bathtub or a large bowl of water. This activity is a great way to explore opposites e.g. float/sink, fast/slow, stop/go.
  5. Wildlife spotting. Create an identification checklist of the insects/birds/other wildlife you hope to spot and arm children with mini clipboards and pencils for your adventure of discovery.
  6. Bring the outdoors in. Collect leaves and other natural materials for art projects such as crowns and collages. We collected the most dazzling leaves we could find, washed them and pressed them in a book to later create leaf confetti.

  1. Outdoor clean-up. Raking and sweeping leaves and dirt outside. Car washing. Watering and caring for plants. Washing windows. Washing dirty boots and trainers!

    As mentioned in the previous article, there is an abundance of activities that you can get your littles on involved in, come rain or shine. It might be tempting to engage in storytime at home (nothing wrong with this!) but the outdoors really gives us access to a glorious world of sensory play, all at your doorstep.

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