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Montessori for toddlers

Age brackets are certainly more defined in Montessori and I shall elaborate more on this article by article, unfolding the ‘Planes of Development’.

For now, let’s consider 12 to 30 months:

  • Toddlers are refining their grasp and eye-hand coordination. Many are starting to get steadier on their feet, possibly even waddling away, running, climbing, pushing, swinging and carrying heavy objects. Provide lots of (supervised and age-appropriate) opportunities to utilise these skills!
  • Language very much explodes through these months. Continue naming everything around you, using rich language and real words, read plenty of books and play lots of games.
  • Offer basic and practical life activities such as drinking from a cup, pouring a glass of water and using a small jug/pitcher. Water play and water transfer is very engaging. 
  • Creative expression – yes, my favourite! We can begin to offer simple yet beautiful art materials. Non-toxic paints, I like to keep the palette simple – we may have a blue themed session or a green themed session. You can also use easy-to-grip crayons, and play with textures, as well as stickers, recycled crafting, egg cartons, cardboard boxes – the possibilities are endless. 
  • Social development – try interactions with other children such as playdates and activities, yoga classes or simply going to the park. You can also find an array of Montessori Toddler ideas on my page such as craft activities, DIY playdough and toddler-friendly recipes.

You can find an array of Montessori baby ideas, such as DIY instruments, posting activities and sensory play, on my Instagram page.
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