Introduction to our Montessori Expert: Kay

Dear Kids O’News readers,

There is a bond that unites us, a purpose and synchronicity to our community – and that is children, the future. One characteristic of the Early Years Community that I treasure the most is our capacity to really care for and support one another.

There is a tenderness to both the professional and parental relationships that provides solace and strength, vibrant inspiration and wonderful connection. The early years are such a precious time and what an honour to play even the tiniest part in them!

I started training to be a speech therapist in special education 10 years ago and since then; via many creative ventures, relocated to beautiful France and started practicing Montessori. I think that we are all a part of the Montessori movement, because we want something different for children. Over the coming months, I’d like to bring you into the world and wonder of Montessori, hopefully equipping you with insight, knowledge and the power of possibilities.

This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to share more with you. If you’d like to stay up-to-date or get a glimpse into our world, you can follow The Montessori Mind on Instagram – thank you for reading

Enjoy, Kay x

Montessori Pedagogy – a concept 

The work of Dr. Maria Montessori began in 1907, when she opened the Casa Dei Bambini in Rome. It was through her thorough observations that Dr. Montessori developed a unique science-based approach, known today as the Montessori method. Consider Montessori’s theory and legacy as an educational tool, to prepare your child for life.

The core values of Montessori Pedagogy are:
– Trusting and following the child
– Encouraging full autonomy
– Following and respecting their interests
– Inspiring a lifelong love of learning, with hands-on materials
– Empowering a child to be independent throughout their development